Networking events are a vital resource for any business owner. They provide you with valuable connections with fellow business owners. This opens a wide variety of opportunities for you. Whether it be generating more business, or learning some tricks of your trade. Meeting with fellow business owners is a wise way to spend some of your time. 

You may be familiar with networking events, or you may not. Either way, we will uncover some of the myths about networking events today. This will help clear the air around some of the misconceptions people have around networking events.

So let’s dig in.

1: Networking events only provide you with short term value.

It is under the assumption that most networking events or groups only provide short term value. This is under the presumption you will be meeting with the same people time and time again, leaving you with only so much to gain.

Some networking groups may only have a select amount of attendees throughout their lifetime. However, even if this is the case, there will always be long term value in networking groups. Additionally, if these groups are openly inviting other members of the business owner community for various events, there are always new faces to meet.

Let’s say you only have access to the same group of people in each event. Even in this case, you can still learn a vast amount of knowledge over time. Keep in mind, these business owners you are collaborating with are constantly developing and enhancing their knowledge and skills. So should you. That’s why there will always be some new method, idea, or innovation awaiting you at the next networking meeting.

So attending networking groups or events with the idea that you have tapped all the resources at hand is only detrimental. There is always something new not too far away. So be open and patient to gain as much as you can from networking events.

2: Networking events are boring.


On the contrary, these are some of the most dynamic events you can find. There are of course times where it may just be a group of business owners witting around a table conversing, but even then, it can be exciting. 

Think of how profound it is to be in the same room of fellow business owners sharing ideas and new ways to find success. Even in the circumstances with people just sitting around a table, you should be excited to pick their brains and learn new ways of thinking. 

Hopefully, you are part of networking events such as the Medicine Hat Construction Association, where events can sometimes be hosted on golf courses! Luckily, there are many networking groups that have gotten bored with the mundane meet and greets, so events are becoming more exciting to fix this.

When events are activity-focused, it adds a nice relaxing touch to the process of networking events. Additionally allowing you to have various channels to promote your business throughout. So don’t shy away from networking events in fear of boredom. If need be, keep an eye out for our networking events to spice things up. 

Either way, you should be able to find value in any type of networking event. Knowledge is power. Networking events are simply one of the best channels to attain new knowledge to help your business grow and succeed.

3: All networking events are the same.

As we stated above, they can be quite dynamic. However, the overall goals and focuses may be the same across the board. Each networking group or event coordinations have their own flavors though.

There is one thing you should be worrying about though when you are weighing your options. Quality vs quantity. You shouldn’t attend every single networking event, you should rather focus your time on what is providing you with more value.

Each networking group provides different levels of value, so find what best suits your needs. Not only will this save you time, but it will become a more effective way to generate business if you are spending your time with the right groups.

So even though the general goals of networking events are similar, the events and groups themselves are not. Do your research and find the most effective group for your business and acquire all the benefits you can from each group you attend.

4: Networking events are not for introverts.


If you are an introvert (someone who prefers to be alone), networking events may be a new realm of challenges. Having to talk to others may be challenging at times, but luckily, we have a few tricks for you.

Even introverts can find their place in networking events and it can sometimes be a perk to be introverted. You see, if you aren’t comfortable talking, let others talk about themselves. Not only does this help build a relationship of trust and connection, but it allows you to observe rather than present.

As you become more comfortable with those around you, everything becomes easier. If you are an introvert, simply allow others to focus on themselves. Most business owners love to talk about themselves and it inflates their ego enough that they begin to like you consequently.

Start slow, find a networking group that doesn’t require you to present anything, rather just communicate with a few business owners each event. This way you can get your foot in the water and find some comfort. Hopefully this evolves into extravert tendencies, but either way, you can still find value in networking events if you are introverted. Act like a sponge if you don’t feel like presenting yourself to others, use networking events as an outlet to intake knowledge and learn how others succeed.

5: People at networking events are arrogant.

Yes, you are about to attend an event with a bunch of business owners, and it’s fair to assume you may run into some hotheads. However, this simply is not the case. Attendees vary as much as you would find at any event. 

Success gets to the heads of a lot of people. Although keep in mind, they all started from ground zero just like you. There is familiarity and commonality between business owners at networking events because you all share the same innate qualities of business ownership.

While you may think there will be a room full of arrogance, you will often find the opposite. You see, everyone there is seeking to become better at what they do, find new ways to innovate their business, and create new relationships to develop themselves.

It is by nature that anyone attending these events has indirectly stated they do not know everything. Since you are all there to learn, there is little arrogance to be had. 

So don’t worry, you will find numerous likable business owners to develop long-lasting and valuable relationships with. Letting the presumptions of how others are will only limit your capacity for growth. So keep an open mind.