This isn’t anything new to the Medicine Hat Construction Association (MHCA), however, this annual summer golf event may be news to you. This is a fantastic networking event that makes most other events seem mundane. How often do you get to shoot 18 holes of golf at regular networking events?

The summer golf tournament allows participants to have some fun in the sun, all while spreading awareness of their company and building more connections within Medicine Hat. For those looking to spread their wings in the Medicine Hat market, this is the perfect event to start networking at. Also, if you would like to show off that three hundred yard drive, or just meet some new people, this is the vent for you.

With versatile and affordable pricing, access to these events is easily attainable. Just make sure you sign up fast to reserve your spot. There is a lot to expect from these events if you are new, so let’s cover some of the frequently asked questions surrounding networking events in Medicine Hat. Since this isn’t just any networking event, things will, of course, vary depending on what you compare it to. However, this has been a long-standing and extremely rewarding annual event for Medicine Hat business owners.

So Why Does This Stand Out From Other Networking Events?

women shaking hands at golf course networking events in medicine hat

Simply put, the traditional form of networking events has become bland and saturated for most companies. In most cases, networking clubs focus on rigid structures where you see the same people every time. With events such as the upcoming golf tournament on September 13th, businesses are granted the chance to mix it up a bit and play some golf while networking. In a free, open, and fun environment, people are granted freedom from the old rigid structures we are all used to.

Networking events are meant to spread awareness of businesses within any given city. Promoting the growth of innovation, commerce, and relationships of like-minded people. So having the same group of people meet up and say the same things over and over-delivers no fuel to growth within the businesses of a city. Therefore, we are happy to spice it up with a fun golf tournament where new people come every year.

Why are Networking Events so Important?

Networking events are a platform for a business to spread more awareness of itself and learn more about fellow businesses in any given city. As the old adage goes, “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”. Getting to know fellow business owners in your city is EXTREMELY valuable. This will not only provide you with referrals and leads, but you will also get to pick the brains of the people there for valuable tips! You see, each business has it’s unique secrets to success, and most of the time, people are happy to give a few pointers to new businesses. This isn’t to say that if you are an established business owner, there is no need to do this as well. Learning new things and adapting should always be a primary goal when developing or expanding a business.

So What do People Talk About at Networking Events?

Conversations revolve around almost anything actually! Whether it be business-related conversations or personal topics, the social atmosphere in open networking events is quite dynamic. Depending what your goal of attending an event is, your conversations may vary. however, keep in mind one of the most important aspects is to build rapport. So don’t grill people with too many questions about their business. Focus on getting to know people. Since they are most likely going to talk about their business, this will give you an opening to share your side of things. Learn as much as you can, and get to know as many people as possible.

What Should You Expect at the Golfing Tournament?

man swinging golf club at networking event in medicine hat

Well if you are familiar with the Medicine Hat Golf and Country Club, this won’t be uncharted territory. However, if you are new to the club, golfing in general, or networking events, let’s cover what you should expect.

Teams register in groups of four, respectively representing their company and shooting 18 holes of golf with lunch and supper in between. There are opportunities to have your logo on carts, signage in multiple areas and formats, extra mulligans, and more. Simply choose which package you would like to sign up for.

Additionally, you can register as a sponsor and receive recognition, just without being able to golf.

It will be a very fun and inviting atmosphere as well, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. You will have multiple opportunities to mingle and get to know everyone there. In comparison to other networking events, this will be a very exciting and dynamic event to spread your companies wings in!

How to Approach Networking Events.

Like we previously mentioned earlier, you should focus on having fun and getting to know people. The mindset you should have is to simply enjoy yourself and build connections with others in Medicine Hat. Don’t anticipate making a certain amount of money or leads, just mingle. Nobody is going to a golfing event to be sold to, so try not to be pushy in that area. However, it is to be expected that people will promote themselves in various ways, so feel the mood and go from there.

If we were talking about other networking events with a more structured and plotted atmosphere, we would advise staying positive. But golfing is hard to not be excited for. Even still, stay optimistic and you will be surprised what valuable insights you attain all while perfecting that drive down the fairway.

In Conclusion

We are excited to see new faces and familiar faces at the upcoming event! The goal is to help fellow business owners network but take a step away from the “boring” expectation of regular events. If you are looking to gain more awareness, recognition, leads, and friends; sign up for one of Medicine Hat’s most enjoyable networking events of the year. If you would like more information, contact us online, by phone, or stop by for a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

For upcoming events, stay up to date through our events page, and keep an eye on our blog for more monthly posts.

Thanks for reading.