Construction associations stretch across Canada, influencing our economy and various industries dramatically. The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is involved in the employment of 1.5 million people! That’s 7.5% of Canada’s workforce and accounts for 7% of our GDP.

With such an expansive influence on Canada, the importance of construction associations is astounding. The CCA has branches that break down into provincial and local construction associations. So for most major cities and every province, there is an association to be found.

The benefits, advantages, and opportunities offered by these associations are what we will talk about today. If you are already an existing member, you may already be aware of all the perks. However, this may shine a light on things you may not know. Additionally, for those new to construction associations, we have some ground to cover. So let’s get started!

Who Do Construction Associations Apply To?

If you are in the construction industry in any way, shape, or form, this is where you need to be. Companies within the construction industry such as renovation companies, contractors, and many of the trades find themselves requiring the benefits of a construction association.


Since construction associations are so deeply engrained into the industries of Canada, it’s almost a necessity to be involved with one. Construction associations provide unique access to many valuable resources for the construction industry.

For those who are owners, general contractors, sub-trades, suppliers, and service providers within the field of construction, the benefits are insurmountable and invaluable to you. With a widespread influence across our industries and economies, construction associations provide uniform value to those within the construction industry. 

If you are looking to join a group of people striving to meet the same goals and benefit from one another, get involved ASAP. This way, you have all the resources, opportunities, and connections you need to grow your business. 

What Exactly Are the Benefits of a Construction Association?

Where to begin? If you work in construction, you know the immense amount of regulations and protocols you must meet. You also understand the importance of developing a network of relationships that perpetuate growth and business. Construction associations are luckily a one-stop-shop for all these needs.

Let’s start off with the resources construction associations provide to their members. With full member access, you will gain quite a few resources to help you in many realms. These include things like plans, specifications, addendums, bidders lists, pre-bid notices of projects and bid results. 

Moreover, you gain access to consistently updated newsletters informing you of the many changes throughout the industry and upcoming events or opportunities you can take advantage of. 

Resources also include many training opportunities to expand your expertise and knowledge of your profession. The Medicine Hat Construction Association (MHCA) for example offers the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS). The CSTS provides you will the skills and understandings needed to perform work safely and effectively. 

We can’t forget about the access to blueprints and building plans. Receive them via email, Buildworks, or in-person. These plans represent large and small commercial, institutional and industrial projects open to tender throughout Canada. 

Speaking of Buildworks. You will have access to their resources as well. The primary goal is to provide members with a valuable tool that simplifies the procurement process within construction. This is a network of resources that promote project visibility and access. Think of it as a hub for construction jobs. Not only is there this access, but you gain the insights of regional experts and qualified professionals within the industry. 

Awareness is a Valuable Reward for Joining the Construction Associations Across Canada.

One of the most important resources found from construction associations is the networking opportunities and various connections you build within an association. Keep in mind that half the battle is making valuable connections. Meeting the right people and gaining access to the right channels needed to get in touch with those you need is bountiful in value. 


The MHCA, for example, hosts exciting networking events such as golf tournaments! You could get to know fellow business owners while enjoying the greens of a golf course. When it comes to networking events, there is an insurmountable amount of opportunities to be taken advantage of. Whether it be the leads you generate for your business, tricks of the trade you learn, or valuable relationships with fellow members and aspiring members. 

The board of directors has an incredible influence on Canadian regulations surrounding the construction industry. If you want your voice to be heard, then join a construction association ASAP. It gives you all the tools, resources, and connections needed to make valuable changes in the industry. 

To Summarize Construction Associations  

In essence, construction associations are the hubs for the construction industry. Providing everyone working in this field with all the resources, opportunities, and connections they need to make strides. Newsletters for consistent updates on health and safety, events, training, and so much more! 

Construction associations were formed to make a unified conglomeration of professionals and newly seasoned people as well. This way, the industry is up to date, running smoothly, and taking advantage of all the opportunities available. This promotes the execution of projects and jobs with professionalism and knowledgeable expertise. 

There are construction associations across Canada. There is a centralized organization for Canada as a whole, along with provincial and local branches (such as ours). This ensures that all of Canada is equally represented and offered the same benefits as everyone else who has decided to join these associations. 
If you are not already a member of a construction association and you are an owner, general contractor, sub-trader, supplier, or service provider in this industry, then get started as soon as you possibly can. This is how you gain all the perks and benefits that will give you the advantage and boosts that you need to get ahead and stay ahead.